NIK 1992

17. - 18. november 1992


OJ Anshus & T Larsen (Inf, UiTø): MacroScope: The abstractions of a distributed operating system
K Moldeklev (TF, Kjeller): Directions of high-speed protocol implementation in end systems
FA Aagesen (IDT, NTH): A cooperative flow management scheme for B-ISDN
S Bjorvand (Agder DH): An algorithm for automatic type assignment to untyped ? expressions
E Nordhagen (Ifi, UiO): ?-calculus semantics of a Smalltalk like language
M Haveraaen, V Madsen & H Munthe-Kaas (Ifi, UiB): Algebraic programming technology for partial differential equations
B Gulla (IDT, NTH): Techniques for visualization of multi-version structures
AL Opdahl, V Vetland, G Brataas & A Sølvberg (IDT, NTH): Efficient utilisation of computing resources
A Henne (Inf.vit, UiB): Information system maintenance ? problems or opportunities?
PS Malm (TF, Tromsø): Classification of cooperate systems from a technological perspective
B Ludvigsen (Østfold DH): Content and context in the architecture of Cyberspace
SG Efremis (Cornell Univ), KA Mughal (Ifi, UiB) & JH Reppy (AT&T Bell Labs): The AML project: a system overview
T Stålhane (Dlab, Sintef): Software metrics: current trends and future development
R Olsson & KA Olsen (Molde DH): C ? as a functional programming language!
HR Jervell (UiO/UiTø): A Husserlian framework for describing large systems
O Landsverk, J Greipsland, JG Solheim, JA Mathisen, H Dahle & L Utne (IDT, NTH): A reconfigurable neural network server
JA Mathisen, J Greipsland & S Smedseng (IDT, NTH): Dynamic reconfigurability ? a new approach to computer systems
S Gjessin, G Stone & H Wiggers (Ifi, UiO): RamLink: a new memory architecture
S Storøy & T Sørevik (Ifi, UiB): A parallel implementation of the Hungarian algorithm
F Manne & T Sørevik (Ifi, UiB): Partitioning of sequences
T Amble & T Mollestad (IDT, NTH): Mechanising temporal reasoning in a Montague framework
Ø Nytrø (IDT, NTH): A structure measure for Horn clauses: yardstick for program and rule-based development
O Lysne (Ifi, UiO): Towards mechanizing proofs by structural induction
R Nossum (Agder DH/Kongsberg DH): Mechanized semantical interpretation of a modal decision rule
A Maus (Ifi, UiO/SIFF): Solutions to a trivial problem ? a study in programming paradigms
B Wasson (TF, Tromsø): Automating the development of intelligent learning environments: a perspective on implementation issues
T Grimstad, E Maartmann-Moe & G Aas (NR): Real time multimedia conference with voice and global window

(Dessverre finnes kun få bidrag på elektronisk form.)

Om konferansen


Universitetet i Tromsø


SAS Royal Hotel, Tromsø.


Ellen Brox FORUT-IT
Frank Eliassen Univ i Tromsø
Magne Haveraaen Univ i Bergen
Marit Jenssen NAVF
Arne Maus Univ i Oslo (formann)
Kai A. Olsen Molde DH
Bjørn Olstad NTH