NIK 1994

14. - 16. november 1994


Roland Olsson (HiØstfold): Evolutionary inductive inference of functional programs
Roger Klausen & Jan Komorowski (IDT, NTH): Synthesis via induction, deduction, and abduction
Lars Kristiansen (Ifi, UiO): On some classes of subrecursive functions
Reidar Conradi (NTH) & Jacky Estublier (LGI, Genoble): The major software process categories: taxonomy and technology assessment
Stein Ryan (Ifi, UiO): Experiments with information content as a complexity measure
Magne Jørgensen (TF, Kjeller): Predicition of software maintenance effort
Dag Sjøberg (Ifi, UiO): Software constraint models ? a means to improve maintainability and consistency
Jens-Otto Larsen (IDT, NTH), Frank Eliassen, Randi Karlsen & Weihai Yu (UiTø): Application of partition serializability in software engineering databases
Rone Hjelsvold & Roger Midtstraum (IDT, NTH): Digital video archives
Hans Munthe-Kaas (Ifi, UiB): Routing K-tile permutations on parallel computers
Fredrik Manne (Norsk Hydro): Seismisk modellering på arbeidsstasjoner i nettverk
Roar Skålin (IMF, NTH) & Ivar Lie (FFI): Parallel implementation of a limited area atmospheric model. A study of different programming paradigms
Kjell-Arne Fransplass & Asbjørn Thomassen (Ifi, AVH): A validation of GOMS through a usability evaluation of Windows and Finder
Kai A Olsen, Jorun K Bjerkeset & Karianne Mauland (HiMolde): Interpretation of article header data, using a standard OCR system
Lasse Natvig (IDT, NTH): Why computational science and engineering should be of interest to computer scientists
Trond Steihaug & Lars Nordeide (Ifi, UiB): To rank a Miss without to miss a rank
Åsa Hallefjord, Knut Jørnstein & Sverre Storøy (Ifi, UiB): Traffic equilibrium paradoxes when travel demand is elastic
Hallvard Trætteberg (Sintef informatikk): KITS ? knowledgebased and intelligent traffic control system
Torleiv Kløve (Ifi, UiB): Codes for error detection
Svein Mossige (Mat, UiB): On the extremal basis problem for k=4 in the postage stamp problem
Ahmed Guessom & Torulf Mollestad (IDT, NTH): A knowledge-based approach to goal recognition
Ellen Munthe-Kaas (Ifi, UiO): Formal specification and verification of asynchronous coherent message-passing systems: report from a major test case
Vladmimir Oleshchuk (HiAgder): On boundedness for waiting-free priority networks of communicating finite-state machines
Bengt Aspval (Ifi, UiB): Optimal height elimination trees may need non-linear extra fill-in
Eric Monteiro, Ole Hanseth & Mona-Lise Pedersen (NR): Participatory standardization and social shaping of information infrastructure
Arild Jansen (HiFinnmark): Rural development through diffusion of new technology
Beni Ruef & Bjørn Jæger (HiMolde): Using World-Wide Web for a conference information system: a case study

(Dessverre finnes kun få bidrag på elektronisk form.)

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Høgskolen i Molde


Alexandra hotel, Molde.


Siri Bjorvand Høgskolen i Agder
Magne Haveraaen Univ i Bergen (leder)
Bjørn Jæger Høgskolen i Molde
Randi Karlsen Univ i Tromsø
Stein Krogdahl Univ i Oslo
Arne Maus Univ i Oslo
Sigurd Meldal Univ i Bergen
Syvert Nørsett NTH