NIK 2001

26. - 28. november 2001


Reidar Conradi (NTNU) & Tore Dybå (Sintef): An empirical study on the utility of formal routines to transfer knowledge and experience
Torgeir Dingsøy (NTNU), Nils Brede Moe & Øystein Nytrø (Sintef): Augmenting experience reports with lightweight postmortem reviews
Einar Broch Johansen & Olaf Owe (UiO): A proof environment for partial specifications in OUN
Peter C Ölveczky (UiO): Specifying and analyzing real-time obejct systems in real-time Maude
Hein Meling (NTNU), Alberto Montresor & Ozalp Babaoglu (Università di Bologna): Peer-to-peer document sharing using the ant paradigm
Jacqueline Floch, Svein Hallsteinsen, Arne Lie & Hans I Myrhaug (Sintef): A reference model for context-aware mobile services
Anders Andersen (UiTø), Gordon Blair (Lancaster University), Vera Goebel (UiO), Randi Karlsen, Tage Stabell-Kulø & Weihai Yu (UiTø): Arctic beans: flexible and open enterprise component architectures
Pavel Petrovi? (NTNU): Solving Lego brick layout problems using evolutionary algorithms
Pinar Heggernes (UiB), SC Eisenstat (Yale University), G Kumfert (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) & Alex Pothen (Old Dominion University): The computational complexity of the minimum degree problem
Lasse Natvig & Tormod Njølstad (NTNU): Experiance from a new course on digital logic and computer fundamentals at NTNU
Frank Yong Li & Norval Stol (NTNU): Providing conformance in the negociated QoS using traffic conditioning for heterogenous services in WCDMA radio access networks
Hans Ole Rafaelsen (UiTø) & Frank Eliassen (Simula): Dynamically solving media incompatibility
Kjartan Rydland (Telenor), Roger Midtstraum (NTNU) & Jozip Zoric (Telenor): Transcoding versus multiple image versions in image servers with QoS capabilities
Arild Hansen (UiTø): Design and implementation of a VoIP gateway
John Markus Bjørndalen, Otto Anshus, Tore Larsen (UiTø) & Brian Vinter (University of Southern Denmark): PATHS ? integrating the principles of method-combination and remote procedure calls for run-time configuration and tuning of high-performance distributed applications
Magne Haveraaen & Hogne Hundvebakke (UiB): Some statistical performance estimation techniques for dynamic machines
Jon Olav Hauglid & Roger Midtstraum (NTNU): Searching in image databases using the SESAM approach
Kjetil Nørvåg (NTNU): Reducing the cost of perfect match access in object database systems
Weihai Yu (UiTø): Reflective transaction processing ? motivations ans issues
Guttorm Sindre (NTNU) & Andreas L Opdahl (UiB): Capturing security requirements through misuse cases
Håvard D Jørgensen & John Krogstie (NTNU & Sintef): Active models for cooperative information systems
Kai A Olsen & Per Sætre (HiMolde): A visual product constructor for engineer-to-order environments

Om konferansen


Universitetet i Tromsø


Rica ishavshotell, Tromsø


Solveig Bjørnestad Univ i Bergen
Terje Fallmyr Høgskolen i Bodø
Said Hadjerrouit Høgskolen i Agder
Dag Langmyhr Univ i Oslo
Olav Lysne Univ i Oslo
Fredrik Manne Univ i Bergen
Lasse Natvig NTNU
Norvald Stol (leder) NTNU
Weihai Yu (redaktør og arrangør) Univ i Tromsø