NIK 1999

16. - 17. november 1999


Audun Jøsang & Hein Meling (ITEM, NTNU) & Manyi Lu (Sintef): The development of public key infrastructures; are we on the right path?
Lars R Knudsen (II, UiB): Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ? an update
Per Harald Myrvang & Tage Stabell-Kulø (Ifi, UiTø): The PASTA doorkeeper
Stein Krogdahl & Olav Lysne (Ifi, UiO): On the relation between parallel and interleaved executions
Tore Amble (IDI, NTNU): BusTUC ? a natural language route adviser in Prolog
Sigrid Lise Nonås (Ifi, UiB) & Kai Olsen (HiMolde): A scheduling problem for an engineer-to-order manufacturer
Frank Eliassen (Ifi, UiO) & Hans O Rafaelsen (Ifi, UiTø): A conformance relationship supporting selection of explicit stream bindings
Per-Oddvar Osland (ITEM,NTNU), Sneha K Kasera, Jim Kurose & Don Tosley (Univ of Massachusetts): Dynamic activation and deactivation of repair servers in a multicast tree
Jon Olav Hauglid, Jon Heggland & Roger Midtstraum (IDI, NTNU): Video database on WWW
Aleksander Øhrn & Jan Komorowski (IDI, NTNU): Diagnosing acute appendicitis with very simple classification rules
Arild Waaler (HiFinnmark): Proof-search in intuitionistic logic
Trond Hellem Bø, Ingvar Eidhammer & Carsten Helgesen (Ifi, UiB): A divide and conquer approach to the radiation hybrid mapping problem
Pauline Haddow & Gunnar Tufte (IDI, NTNU): Evolving a robot controller in hardware
Pavel Petrovic (IDI, NTNU): Overview of incremental approaches to evolutionary robotics
Tage Stabell-Kulø & Feico Dillema (Ifi, UiTø) & Terje Fallmyr (Ifi, UiTø & HiBodø): Open-ended design for private computing
Kjetil Nørvåg (IDI, NTNU): The vagabond parallel temporal object-oriented database system: versatile support for future applications
Olaf Owe & Isabelle Ryl (Ifi, UiO): On combining object orientation, openness, and reliability
Finn Arve Aagesen, Bjarne Helvik & Hein Meling (ITEM, NTNU) & Ulrik Johansen (Sintef): Plug and play for telecommunications ? architecture and demonstration issues
Sobah A Petersen, Monica Divitini & Mihhail Matskin (IDI, NTNU): Virtual enterprises: an agent-based modeling approach
Otto Wittner, Carsten J E Hölper & Bjarne E Helvik (ITEM, NTNU): Failure semantics of mobile agent systems involved in network fault management
Alf Inge Wang & Reidar Conradi (IDI, NTNU) & Chunnian Liu (IDI, NTNU & Beijing Polytech Univ): A multi-agent architecture for cooperative software engineering
Brian Vinter, Tore Larsen & Otto J Anshus (Ifi, UiTø): Improving cluster performance using a sequentially ordered structured distributed shared memory system
Brynjar Åge Viken (ITEM, NTNU): Passive measurements of Internet traffic from Scinet’98
John I Dalseng (HiFinnmark): Formal specification of a simulation package using UNITY
Torgeir Dingsøyr, Alf Inge Wang & Letizia Jaccheri (IDI, NTNU): Teaching software process improvement through a case study
Bjørn Skjellaug (Sintef & Ifi, UiO): A formal comparison of ADT-based dimensional query languages
Amela Karahasanovic & Dag I K Sjøberg (Ifi, UiO): Supporting database schema evolution by impact analysis
John Krogstie (Andersen Consult & IDI, NTNU): Pulling together the understanding of quality in requirements specifications and conceptual modeling
Hans Aafløy (Telelogic): Tools and methods for system- and protocol testing with TTCN
Wenhui Zhang (Inst Energy Tech): Principles of applying model checking to verification of operator procedures
Gunnar Hartvigsen (Ifi, UiTø) & Atle Måseide (Inst filosophy, UiTø): Give me your URL and I will tell you who you are
Stein Gjessing, Arne Mause, Lars Paul Huse & Torstein Strøm (Ifi, UiO): Running the SAR-application on a cluster of PCs connected with SCI, using a HIC-based SCI-switch
Monica Divitini (IDI, NTNU): Supporting coordination: A multi-agent approach

Om konferansen


Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet


Radisson SAS Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim


Solveig Bjørnestad Univ i Bergen
Terje Fallmyr HiNordland, Bodø
Said Hadjerrouit Høgskolen i Agder
Arild Jansen Høgskolen i Finnmark
Randi Karlsen Univ i Tromsø
Stein Krogdahl Univ i Oslo
Ellen Munthe-Kaas Univ i Oslo
Lasse Natvig NTNU (arrangør)
Sverre Storøy Univ i Bergen (formann)
Finn Arve Aagesen NTNU (arrangør)