NIK 1998

23. - 25. november 1998


Magne Jørgensen (Storebrand & UiO), Dag Sjøberg (UiO) & Reidar Conradi (NTNU): Reuse of software development experience at Telenor Telecom Software
Bjørnar Tessem (UiB), R Alan Whitehurst & Christopher L Powell (Brigham Young Univ): Case-based retrieval and reuse of Java classes
Lill Kristiansen (Ericsson & Unik): The challenge of change in telecom ? how to use object orientation to address rapid changes
Randi Karlsen (UiTø): Concurrency control and recovery for partially isolated transactions
Torill Hamre & Anita Jacob (Nansen Center) & Khalid A Mughal (UiB): Using object technologies to develop a distributed marine data server
Alf Inge Wang, Jens-Otto Larsen, Reidar Conradi & Bjørn P Munch (NTNU): Improving cooperation support in the EPOS CM system
Brian Vinter, Otto J Anshus & Tore Larsen (UiTø): The impact of node size in the performance of processor-bound applications on clusters of four and eight way shared memory multiprocessors
Olav Sandstå & Roger Midtstraum (NTNU): Random I/O performance on a Tandberg MLR1 tape drive
Cicik Tarik & Haakon Bryhni (UiO): Multicast-unicast reflector
Knut Johannesen & Svein J Knapskog (NTNU): A knockout switch with optimal fairness
Berit Irgens (HiBodø & UiB): The effect of browsing features on end users’ searching behaviour in bibliographic search systems: a literature review and research design
Are Tysnes (UiB), Kai A Olsen (HiMolde & UiB), L Cinque & S Levaldi (Universita’ di Roma): A browser for image retrieval
Torgeir Dingsøyr (NTNU): Retrieval of cases by using a Bayesian network
Frank Eliassen (UiO): Typing multimedia streams
Ketil Stølen & Peter Mohn (IET, Halden): Measuring the effect of formalization
Said Hadjerrouit (HiAgder): Educational impacts of the new paradigm of informatics
Jens J Kaasbøll (UiO): Exploring didactic models for programming
Terje Kristensen (HiBergen): Web based learning systems
Michael J Spector, K Morgen, A Vegari, M Makochien, V Vold & B Wasson (UiB): Collaborative tele-learning designs and architecture
Tore Amble (NTNU): Logic, events, and natural language understanding
Peter Ölveczky (UiB) & Sigurd Meldal (UiB & Cal Poly): Specification and prototyping of network protocols in rewriting logic
Mark Burgess (HiOslo): CF-engine as a component in computer immune systems
Lars Gullik Bjønnes, Haakon Bryhni, Jan Marius Evang & Stein Gjessing (UiO): Wireless experimental network with increased range and mobility support
Mikhail Matskin, Monica Divitini & Sobah A Petersen (NTNU): Agora: a multi-agent support for distributed information technology applications
Tor-Kristian Jenssen, Jan Komorowski & Aleksander Øhrn (NTNU): Some heuristics for default knowledge discovery
Terje Kristensen (HiBergen) & Dag Langmyhr (UiO): Two approaches to hyphenating Norwegian
Magne Haveraaen & Steinar Søreide (UiB): Solving recursive problems in linear time using constructive reasoning

Om konferansen


Høgskolen i Agder




Solveig Bjørnstad Univ i Bergen
Said Hadjerrouit Høgskolen i Agder (arrangør)
Arild Jansen Høgskolen i Finnmark
Randi Karlsen Univ i Tromsø
Stein Krogdahl Univ i Oslo
Eystein Mathisen Høgskolen i Nordland, Bodø
Arne Maus Univ i Oslo
Sverre Storøy Univ i Bergen (formann)
Finn Arve Aagensen NTNU